Sunday, November 4, 2012

Unwritten Rules

Why can't I drink a glass of champagne while golfing? Is beer the only "appropriate" alcoholic beverage for the golf course? While I have been learning more and more about this sport I find that the unwritten rules are getting longer and longer. From the extensive dress code to the proper manners, golf has proven to me that no matter what you do, you are breaking some kind of rule. 

I understand that champagne might not be the best thing to be drinking while driving to the next hole, but who could really object to some afternoon "celebrating?" I mean finding the time to get out on the course for a leisurely round of golf is enough reason for me to pop the top on some fine bubbly. I am young I should be able to do anything and get away with it, right? Right? Ok maybe not but come on, enough with the rules already people. 


  1. So wait, they let men drink beer on the course but prohibit the drinking of champagne? That's ridiculous if you ask me, and appears to have some underlying sexist and discrimination characteristics. I'm a a social science major and we focus a lot of attention on invisible sexism. In my opinion it seems as though golf is looked at in terms of a "man's sport." Because of this they allow the drinking of beer on the course, which often times is the alcohol preference of men. To prohibit the drinking of wine or champagne, which is often the preference for woman, to me is in efforts to keep women off the golf course. With that being said I'm glad to hear that you, as a woman, are still going out there to play golf.

  2. You can always find a group of people that feel the same as you and make a champagne campaign for golf! All 10 of you can drink champagne and tee off. I'm down, mimosa's are delicious.

  3. there is always some unwriiten rule in everything, its mad annoying. I hate that look of pity you get also when you do break a rule to. BTW since you are a champagne drinker what is a really good one that is sweet?