Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stress reliever or source of cause?

Running around like a chicken with your head cut off? It sure feels like I am these days with the schedule I put myself through. Work, school, blah blah blah. I don’t seem to have time to sleep much these days and forget about any leisure activities. It is a chilly and windy day out due to the hurricane wreaking havoc on the east coast today and there is no way I am headed to the range for my weekly bucket of balls. I started thinking how much golf could be a cause of more stress in my life or if is a way for me to get away from the madness of my day-to-day routine.

While I try and practice every week, sometimes there is no way. By the end of the week if I didn’t practice in some way I regret it. After getting my frustration out on some innocent balls, I always feel better even if it wasn’t the best day(for me or the grass). For me golf is the time I take for myself and do something that I want. Not homework teachers think we all enjoy or work, which I shouldn’t complain to having a good job, but work is work. Golf is the time I let it all go and the only thing I can stress about is my swing.

I think this is all in my mind frame for the game. It could easily go the other way around and do more harm to your blood pressure than good. An article by CNN asks the very same questions on stress and golf and how it affects people in different ways with how they view the sport,

So with all that stress, could playing golf actually be bad for you? If you're beating yourself up emotionally and getting angry that's not very good for your health said Thompson. But it's all a matter of attitude. Somebody might go out and enjoy it, see it as a chance to get away from work, have a nice stroll and catch up with their mates.

While I still have my days when I’m the one hitting my golf club on the ground and mumbling a few choice words, golf is still that one time in my life I get to go out and hit something as hard as I can and walk away with a cleared head. Hopefully I can keep this frame of mind and continue to enjoy the game instead of letting it bog me down like I see so many others do.

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