Monday, December 3, 2012


See ya later alligator

Hasta Luego

It's been real and as the semester is FINALLY coming to an end so is my blog. Even though the blog will be ending I am happy to say I will be playing golf for many more years to come. It has been great to read about golf on a weekly basis and really get into the sport. My boyfriend is returning from Iraq in two weeks and I plan on showing him my new skills on the tee and hopefully his rustiness and my mad skills will allow for a victory on my end. Either way golf has given me another stress reliever when I just want to hit something. 

No More Anchoring

They have finally passed a new rule in golf. There will be no more of that goofy looking "anchoring" while putting going on.. Well at least after 2016. I always thought it was cheating in some way and I know there is a huge debate going on in the golf world over it, but now it is final and player will need to accommodate. 

Anchoring while putting is basically holding the putter against the body which allows for more control. More and more pros are using this method and it is showing to there advantage. They have given plenty of time before the rule takes affect for players to adjust but it will be interesting to see who drops off the ranks and who moves up. 

In an article on the PGA website, USGA executive director Mike Davis said, "More players are using it, and instructors are saying this is a more efficient way to putt because you don't have to control the whole stroke," which basically means cheating. Well no more. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Since Christmas is right around the corner I have officially started shopping and I couldn't help but share the things I found. It's amazing what you can buy off the internet.

On Find Gifts website they have something every golfer should own:

<- How did I ever manage without this?! What a great idea and I am sure this would come in handy on those hot days on the course.

Now this would allow me to work on my grip while in the backyard BBQing away. ->

<- Now that is just creative!  
 It's amazing what you can find on the internet these days! 

So after this you would have your cigar, beer, and grill all decked out. Perfect! 

Monday, November 26, 2012


Workout of the day 
Improve your swing:

While mindlessly running at my local gym one day I got to thinking how being here would help my golfing. I often think of many things while on the treadmill looking at the same spot on the adjacent wall and this is just one of those things that popped into my head. 

While looking up some workouts on the PGA Tour website I found some that would help my golf swing. I realized I was already doing most of them but could improve and substitute a few. 

1. ROW- not my favorite thing to do in the gym and I thought more of it as a cardio exercise rather than building muscle. But building my back muscles will help the my entire swing be more powerful. 

2. TRICEP DIPS- Did I say I didn't like to row? After doing a dozen of these, rowing seems fun. (I never thought I would say that!) Of course strong arms help everything about a golf swing. 

3. RUN- I can do that, while it's working my cardio and lower half I am able to clear my mind and think about everything going on around and in my life. Running will help my gluts and legs to create a strong base for the swing. 

4. ABS- It's the one thing everyone is doing at the gym and the first on my list. Having a tight core helps your swing enormously and it's the one thing everyone needs after the holidays. 

While working on my game I am also working on my knowledge about what goes on behind the game. This is just one simple thing I can accommodate in my daily trip to the gym to help better my swing and beat the boyfriend on the course. 


A mandatory day off.. 

Well it being Thanksgiving I knew I would have the whole day off from work and school so I figured I would get some long needed golf practice in… WRONG!

I have found going to the range is equivalent to going to the gym. It’s all about getting your butt off the couch and making the effort and on a holiday that just isn’t happening. When everyone is stuffing their faces and relaxing in a turkey-coma why should I be the one having to change out of my fat pants and doing anything that caused any type of exertion? It’s the thought that counts right? I mean I thought about going and doing something productive for a couple hours, but of course nothing materialized out of it.

Oh well. Maybe on my next day off, which will be Christmas.. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Angry Club

A club made just for me..

While browsing the internet I came across GolfStinks page while he was talking about the Angry Club. At first glance it looks more like a training club and I didn’t quite understand the name. I checked it out and literally laughed out loud while watching the video on it. It is a genius idea, it can be used as a training club, but when you really need it you just hit it on the ground. Once you do that it spits out some foul language and message that was recorded on it. People are just getting so creative with getting angry on the golf course. If this is available I would be the first in line to buy it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Unwritten Rules

Why can't I drink a glass of champagne while golfing? Is beer the only "appropriate" alcoholic beverage for the golf course? While I have been learning more and more about this sport I find that the unwritten rules are getting longer and longer. From the extensive dress code to the proper manners, golf has proven to me that no matter what you do, you are breaking some kind of rule. 

I understand that champagne might not be the best thing to be drinking while driving to the next hole, but who could really object to some afternoon "celebrating?" I mean finding the time to get out on the course for a leisurely round of golf is enough reason for me to pop the top on some fine bubbly. I am young I should be able to do anything and get away with it, right? Right? Ok maybe not but come on, enough with the rules already people.