Monday, December 3, 2012

No More Anchoring

They have finally passed a new rule in golf. There will be no more of that goofy looking "anchoring" while putting going on.. Well at least after 2016. I always thought it was cheating in some way and I know there is a huge debate going on in the golf world over it, but now it is final and player will need to accommodate. 

Anchoring while putting is basically holding the putter against the body which allows for more control. More and more pros are using this method and it is showing to there advantage. They have given plenty of time before the rule takes affect for players to adjust but it will be interesting to see who drops off the ranks and who moves up. 

In an article on the PGA website, USGA executive director Mike Davis said, "More players are using it, and instructors are saying this is a more efficient way to putt because you don't have to control the whole stroke," which basically means cheating. Well no more. 

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